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What we do

UWC Tunisia (The UWC National Committee for Tunisia) connects Tunisian youth to the UWC movement.

UWC Tunisia is primarily responsible for the selection of outstanding Tunisian students to study the 2-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) at one of 18 UWC schools and colleges worldwide.  The Committee also nominates students to participate in UWC short courses (usually 1-4 weeks).  

The Committee seeks to select Tunisian students from diverse backgrounds who care about their communities and have a drive to become a leader or change-maker as well as a will to have a positive impact around them. 

The selection process gives equal consideration given to both the academic potential and the character of each candidate. We then collect and assess application forms and review supporting documents such as academic reports and recommendation letters.  A selected number of students is invited to subsequent selection stages (such as interviews, group discussions, group activities) to arrive to a short-list of candidates. The Committee then nominates students to the UWCs that have offered to host a Tunisian student.  Once admission is confirmed for nominated students, the Committee provides an Orientation Day to prepare newly selected students for their UWC experience and network with current students and alumni.