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Students who wish to apply independently and are able to pay the full UWC fees should apply through the  Global Selection Program.

Applications through the UWC National Committee of Tunisia for opportunities in 2021 are not open yet.

All stages of the selection are conducted in English. Candidates are progressively shortlisted at each stage. 

*  The 2-year IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)
The selection process is a multi-stage process that consists of three stages including, but not limited to, a written application, a Skype interview, and an in-person interview and group activities in Tunis. 

  1. First stage: Written Application:

Students interested in applying to UWC must submit a written application online. Through the application, students will provide the committee with an overview of their interests and activities. 

Candidates are also required to: 

  • Write short essays
  • Upload 2 recommendation letters: one from a teacher and one from an activity supervisor
  • Upload academic transcripts from the current and previous academic years
  1. Second stage: Skype interviews 

After reviewing the written applications, a group of shortlisted candidates will be invited to conduct Skype interviews. The interviews will be conducted in December. 

  1. Final stage: in-person interviews and group activities

Following the Skype interviews, a reduced number of finalists will be invited to the Selection Day in Tunis which consists of in-person interviews and group activities. Once the selected finalists and their families accept the spot offered to them, they will be nominated to their respective UWC schools.  Students must be able to attend the Selection Day in Tunis to be considered for nomination.

*Short courses:
There is no separate application for short course candidates. Short course opportunities through the National Committee are offered to the Selection Day finalists who were not shortlisted to be nominated to attend the IBDP at one of the UWCs around the world.