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History of UWC Tunisia

The Committee is composed of volunteers and works in accordance with UWC values and criteria. Our team consists of UWC alumni, international and Tunisian professionals, educators, and students. 

The Tunisian National Committee was formed in 2016.

Over the past three years students have been nominated to, and began attending UWC colleges around the world.  Students have been accepted with full scholarships to UWC Dilijan, Armenia, UWC Pearson College, Canada, UWC Adriatic, Italy, UWC Robert Bosch, Germany, UWC Costa Rica, and UWC Changshu China. 

In 2019, the first cohort of Tunisian students nominated by the Committee graduated from UWC: one student graduated from UWC Mahindra College in India, and another student graduated from UWC-USA.

Students have also been nominated to attend UWC Short Courses in Belgium, Austria, Turkey, Malta, and Lebanon.  Some students have attended with partial to full fee waivers while others have paid the full costs of travel and to attend the course (usually 1-3 weeks long).