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About the International baccalaureate: 

  1. When should I enroll in the IB diploma program?

    The IB diploma program covers the last two years of secondary or high school education in Tunisian, European, American or similar systems of education. It also qualifies students for university credit in most universities in North America. Tunisian students in 10th and 11th grades (3ème and 2ème) are the ideal candidates for the IBDP.

  2. Is the IB recognised in Tunisia and abroad?

    The IB diploma is currently NOT recognised by Tunisian higher education institutes. 
    Students wishing to apply to Tunisian universities must go through the equivalence process as their diploma is considered a “foreign diploma”. More information on the process can be found here. This process is complicated and lengthy and students might not get their first university choice. 

    However, IB is recognised and highly regarded in many other countries. UWC schools offer college counseling services to their students. IB graduates and especially UWC graduates are highly regarded by universities around the world. Universities value the IBDP’s combination of depth with breadth, its rigour, and its emphasis on developing analytical thinking and critical skills. 

    Scholarship opportunities for UWC graduates may also be available .(i.e. Davis Scholars program)

About UWC:

  1. Can I get a full scholarship to study at a foreign university after graduating from a UWC?

    A very strong student with an “all-round” profile  has a good chance of getting a scholarship or financial assistance to study at a foreign university if that is what they want to pursue. 

  2. Do UWCs have direct lines of admission to US or UK universities?

    The IB is a well-respected curriculum by admissions offices around the world. However, UWCs do not have any direct links with any universities anywhere in the world for admission purposes.

  3. Where do most UWC students enroll for their university studies?

    UWC students enroll worldwide to universities for further studies. The USA is usually the most popular, followed by Europe in general, Canada, and the UK.

  4. Can I get admission to a Tunisian university after the IB or graduating from a UWC?

    Not immediately. The IB diploma is yet to be recognised in Tunisia. In order to enrol, first you must obtain equivalency of the IB Diploma by the Ministry of Education.

About the application & selection process:

  1. Can you apply directly to the college of your preference instead of applying through your National Committee?

    You can apply directly to the college of your preference through the Global Selection Program.
    Only students applying through the National Committee are considered for scholarship offers. Students through the national committee do not have the option to choose the college they wish to attend.

  2. Is financial-need considered during the selection process?

    Financial assessment is only included at the final stage of the application.  The financial assessment is reviewed independently of the student’s position in the shortlist of the selection process.  See Fees and Costs section. 

  3. What does the Selection process involve?

    The UWC application process through the Tunisian National Committee is a three step process. See Procedure Section for more detail.

About financial aid and scholarships:

  1. Is a "full scholarship" available? Do parents necessarily have to bear some of the costs of education?

    UWC Scholarships and aid is decided on a "need" basis. Students' parents will be asked and expected to make a contribution to the costs of their attendance and travel according to their ability to do so. Assessment of families' ability to make such contributions will be based on financial paperwork provided by the family. This means that students may contribute the full range of fees from full fees to no fees depending on their family circumstances.

  2. Do UWCs have tie-ups with any particular colleges or universities that provide scholarships?

    UWC graduates have special, designated scholarships for several excellent colleges / universities in quite a few countries.