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Eligibility Criteria

Applicants applying through the UWC National Committee of Tunisia must meet baseline criteria. They must:

  • be in high school in either 10th or 11th grades (3ème et 2ème années secondaires);
  • be Tunisian citizens and current residents of Tunisia;
  • be at least 16 years old by September 1st of the year they will enter UWC;
  • be performing above average academically. At the shortlist stage, an evaluation of the student’s academic performance will be applied to select students that will excel in the rigorous UWC environment;
  • have basic ability to communicate in English (fluency is an asset, not a requirement; support is available at UWCs); and,
  • be active in their communities.

An ideal candidate meets all of the five core UWC selection criteria:

  • Intellectual curiosity and motivation
  • Active commitment
  • Social competence
  • Integrity, resilience and personal responsibility
  • Motivation to apply to UWC

Here are a few things UWC students tend to have in common:

  • They have the desire to live the life. We practice what we preach at UWC: sustainability, unity, peace.
  • They understand that they grow through laughter–with others, at themselves.
  • They are afraid to fail, but more afraid not to. Those who allow themselves to fail also have the courage to take chances.
  • They are open, a prerequisite for living in close quarters with students from backgrounds and cultures radically different from their own.
  • They're can-do. They like to take initiative and have the commitment to follow through.
  • They have ambition, tempered by modesty.
  • They are competitive–yet realize that collaboration leads to the most creative solutions.
  • They are bright, and quick. The IB program is rigorous.
  • They’re indefatigable and can take care of themselves. Life at UWC, both physically and emotionally, is strenuous.
  • They are determined–the most important factor in predicting success, not intelligence or talent.
  • They have a curiosity that compels them to research anything and everything, yet the discipline to do so with focus.